Pakistani Minister of Human Rights compares Emmanuel Macron to a Nazi on Twitter

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“Macron does to Muslims what the Nazis inflicted on Jews,” Shireen Mazari tweeted on Saturday, November 21. Paris immediately denounced “detestable and false” remarks.

This Saturday, November 21, the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs strongly condemned the “detestable and false” remarks by Shireen Mazari, Pakistani Minister of Human Rights. The latter had just relayed an article from the media outlet “The Muslim Vibe” in a tweet, accompanied by the comment: “Macron does to Muslims what the Nazis inflicted on Jews. Muslim children will have to have an identification number, as Jews were. forced to wear the yellow star on their clothes to be identified ”.

The Twitter account of the French Embassy in Pakistan immediately picked up this tweet denouncing a “false accusation” as well as “false information” while the spokeswoman for the French Foreign Ministry said that “Pakistan must rectify these words and find the path of a dialogue based on respect ”.

Shireen Mazari shared a new message this Sunday corroborating his remarks the day before, even questioning “why are nuns allowed to wear their ‘dress’ in public places but Muslim women not their hijab?”. Three hours later, after receiving a message from the French Ambassador to Pakistan himself explaining that the article she had relayed was false and had been corrected by its author, she deleted her tweet.

The French Envoy to Pak sent me the following message and as the article I had cited has been corrected by the relevant publication, I have also deleted my tweet on the same.

– Shireen Mazari (@ ShireenMazari1) November 22, 2020

This episode is part of an increase in tensions between France and Pakistan. The country, like several others, denounced the words of Emmanuel Macron regarding the right to caricature. It is the scene of numerous demonstrations against France.