Pets return to Simón Bolívar Malecón in Guayaquil from this Sunday, November 22

The doors of Malecón Simón Bolívar (Malecón 2000), in Guayaquil, are reopened to pets.

From this Sunday, November 22, dogs and cats will be able to enter public areas with their owners from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. The Malecón 2000 Foundation has informed that this schedule will be in effect from Monday to Sunday, except public holidays.

In addition, the organization seeks the cooperation of citizens for a peaceful coexistence within the public space. Fundación staff will be located at the entrance gates and deliver garbage bags to people entering with their pets.

The entry of dogs and cats to the Malecón was implemented in October 2019. The initiative arose out of a request from the Municipality of Guayaquil in response to the trend that more and more public places are becoming “animals”. of company”.

Take into account the 12 points of the rules for coexistence with pets in the Malecón

1.- Pets can move freely in the alleys, gardens, open spaces in general.

2.- The animals will enter with a collar and an identification plate in which the name is detailed as well as the owner’s information and the telephone number.

3.- The animal must be vaccinated up to date and in good health.

4- The use of a collar or harness correctly attached to a threshing machine or to a leash is compulsory.

5.- The owner must exercise protection, supervision and constant control over his pet, ensuring that it does not cause disturbance, inconvenience or damage to other animals, people or property in the Malecón. If this happens, security personnel will request immediate deletion of the site, in order to protect the safety of visitors.

6.- Any physical or material damage that the animal can cause inside the Malecón is the sole responsibility of the owner.

7.- Animals exhibiting unpredictable behavior or having a history of aggression must wear a basket muzzle.

8.- Owners must watch over and prevent their pets from disturbing or attacking animals that live in public spaces and green spaces on walks.

9.- The owner or the person in charge of the animal must bring his own blankets to collect the stools of his animals.

10.-The entry of animals into closed spaces such as Cinemamalecón, shopping center, playgrounds, electronic games areas (Safari Kids, Safari Xtreme and Safari Zone), restaurants, cafeterias (food areas and Rio market ), swimming pools, event halls and the Guayaquil miniature museum in history are prohibited.

11- Animals are not allowed to enter the swimming pools or to drink the water inside.

12.- The entry of pets on vacation is not authorized.

Disabled people, who have an assistance dog, will have access to all open and closed spaces on the sidewalks, without exception, without limitation of days and hours; as well as its trainer during the training phase, according to the regulations established for this purpose by the Training Centers in the country or abroad.