Pfizer Concludes Covid-19 Vaccine Trial With 95% Efficiency, Will Request Emergency Use In US

Pfizer Inc announced this Wednesday, November 18, 2020 that the final results of a large-scale trial of its Covid-19 vaccine have shown 95% effectiveness and said it will seek approval for emergency use in the USA. after accumulating two months of food safety data.

The drugmaker said the efficacy of the vaccine developed with its German partner BioNTech SE was consistent across demographic groups by ethnicity and age, and that no major side effects were detected, a sign that the vaccination could be distributed among the populations of the world.

Efficacy in adults over 65, particularly vulnerable to the virus, was over 94%.

The final analysis was revealed just a week after the first results of his vaccine showed greater than 90% effectiveness. Another US company, Moderna Inc, on Monday revealed preliminary data for its covid-19 vaccine, showing similar efficacy.

However, while some groups such as healthcare workers will be given priority for vaccination in the United States this year, it will be months before vaccinations of the general population can begin.

Pfizer said Wednesday it recorded 170 cases of the disease in its trial with more than 43,000 volunteers, of whom 162 were under observation for a placebo and eight had received doses of the experimental vaccine.

Ten people developed severe symptoms of Covid-19 and among them only one had received the vaccine.

The company also said the vaccine was well tolerated and the side effects were mostly mild to moderate and went away quickly.

The only serious side effect that affected more than 2% of those vaccinated was fatigue, detected in 3.7% of recipients after the second dose. Older adults were more likely to have fever and minor side effects after inoculation.