Physiotherapy reduces pain in dogs

Pets, like humans, can experience contractures and pain in their bodies due to situations that worry them. Massages used in physiotherapy, aromatherapy, and music are some of the techniques owners can apply to help reduce stress levels in pets.

Thunder, fireworks, or any type of very loud sound can alter a dogs mood. By having the senses – such as smell and hearing – more developed, they are sensitive to these stimuli. In these cases, it is important to observe the animal’s body language, which is the only thing that can show if it is experiencing pain or discomfort.

Dayana Bodero, a veterinarian specializing in physiatry, explains that if the tension is mild, relaxation techniques can be applied. Therapeutic massages will help the animal if applied correctly. If a massage is not given correctly, it will cause another contracture and more pain.

The main mistake, Bodero says, is that the owner puts pressure on the neck and hands, as it will be painful for the patient. Specialists already know how to determine pain points when palpating the animal, so it is best that they are in charge of the process. The idea is to stimulate blocked areas, says the specialist.

To complement the massages, you can choose to place music and aromas in the environment. The specialist suggests that if the dog is very nervous, put lavender in the environment.

In case of anxiety, the ideal is to opt for sandalwood or apple with cinnamon. If the animal does not want to eat, does not get up, trembles, gasps and cries, it is important to first go to a veterinarian, who refers the case to a specialist. These symptoms could indicate a more serious problem.

Bodero, who has been devoted to physiatry for more than nine years, explains that this field is applied for the treatment of various diseases. It goes hand in hand with neurology and trauma.

The goals of these treatments include improving the quality of life of patients, reducing pain, delaying the progression of catastrophic diseases and, in other cases, restoring limb functionality.

In the country, the most common cases are those related to herniated discs, disco-respondylosis, hip dysplasia, torn ligaments and osteoarthritis of the elbow. For each pathology, a different technique is used.

Among the most used are lasers, magnets, electrostimulation for the nervous system or for the muscular system, ultrasound and phototherapy. The latter is the most recommended for healing.

Acupuncture, moxibustion, and tapping are also applied, which helps reduce pain. The vibrating equipment is not used during the first sessions and high doses are not administered.

Physiotherapy can be applied before or after an operation and in some cases its administration may delay the need for surgery. It will all depend on the vet’s assessment.