Plus-size male models break the rules

Plus size male models are still few in number in the fashion industry, but they seek to gradually spark a debate on the diversity of male bodies and on representativeness.

Large international model agencies, such as IMG or Wilhelmina, have opened the plus size male model divisions from 2016. However, they have not yet achieved a constant presence in fashion shows, commercials, productions or films. .

In February 2020, US media reported that only one “plus size” model was part of New York Menswear Week, missing “a great opportunity” to target this market.

In mid-October 2020, singer and designer Rihanna reaffirmed her commitment to diversity. He showed off his brand new Savage X Fenty collection through social media and included plus size men.

The singer has built a career in the fashion and makeup industries based on inclusion. Female models of all sizes posed with the Barbadian singer’s designs. Creating for diverse men and putting them on stage was the next logical step.

“It’s for every guy with a little extra meat, for the one who undoes the button at the bottom of the shirt to try to hide the rims, for the one who has to shop like crazy because the sizes for us are already exhausted. We are here, we are sexy and we are a wave, ”wrote Steven Green on his Twitter account revealing the work of Savage X Fenty.

This is one of the most anticipated shows for global audiences and in fact, it managed to bring down what was once the giant Victoria’s Secret show. Therefore, the conversation around diversity should be reflected in more brands and designers who risk representing more segments of the population in their audiovisual products.

It’s not about apologizing for being overweight

“Many people accuse the plus size movement of promoting obesity and bad habits,” says María Eugenia Donoso, model and owner of a plus size women’s brand.

However, he explains, what is wanted to make different models visible is to break with stereotypes of beauty. “Human beings are very afraid of change, we have resistance to diversity because of insecurity,” he adds.

Additionally, she believes that representing the diversity of the population is important for people to identify with and discover from there that you don’t have to look a certain way to be successful. “It’s not about punishing people for their appearance, it’s about instilling healthy habits through self-love,” he says.

He recognizes that being overweight and obese comes with many risks, but he also warns that no internet user can speak negatively about a person’s health or habits simply because of their image.