Poland detects covid-19 among mink hatchery workers

20 November 2020 10:17


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Poland has detected 18 cases of the coronavirus among workers at a vision farm and continues to test animals, although the animals do not appear to have transmitted the disease to workers, health and veterinary authorities said.

Poland, which is a major producer of mink fur, began coronavirus testing between its hatcheries and screening of its workers earlier this month, after a viral mutation detected in mink from hatcheries in Denmark had leads to the slaughter of all mink. farm animals of the Scandinavian nation.

Although authorities have not received the results of their animal tests, they said cases of Covid-19 have been confirmed among people linked to breeding sites.

The head of the sanitary inspection said 18 cases of infections were discovered among agricultural workers who were not related to each other.

“Currently, there is no evidence to conclude that mink is the source of the infection in 18 cases,” he said in an email to Reuters.

The inspection said it had analyzed all infections among hatchery workers and their families since the start of the pandemic.

Earlier this month, veterinary authorities said they had ordered tests on 18 farms in four administrative regions of the country. Industry groups have strongly opposed the tests, fearing that they will lead to mass slaughter of animals.

Poland, with 354 hatcheries and six million animals, is the world’s largest producer of mink fur.

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