Russian opponent Navalny hospitalized in “stable” condition in Berlin

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The entourage of the most famous opponent of the Kremlin has said since Thursday that he was the victim of “intentional poisoning”, “with something mixed in his tea”. A version disputed by Russian doctors.

The main Russian opponent Alexeï Navalny, in a coma after what his relatives claim to be “poisoning”, was hospitalized in Berlin on Saturday in “stable” condition after a transfer from Russia. His convoy escorted by the police and including two yellow ambulances arrived shortly after 10:20 local (08:20 GMT) at the emergency department of the Charité hospital, one of the most famous in Europe.

“Alexeï Navalny’s state of health is stable,” the leader of the German NGO Cinema for Peace, Jaka Bizilj, told AFP, who chartered the ambulance plane with which the opponent was brought back. after a standoff between his relatives and the Russian authorities. The management of the hospital said that the doctors were proceeding “at present to a comprehensive medical diagnosis” which should take “some time”. They only planned to speak after these exams.

Was Alexey Navalny the victim of “intentional poisoning”?

The entourage of the most famous of the opponents of the Kremlin has said since Thursday that he was the victim of “intentional poisoning”, “with something mixed with his tea”, which Russian doctors have refuted. For its part, the Ministry of Health of the Omsk region said on Saturday that “caffeine and alcohol were found in the urine” of the opponent. “No convulsive or synthetic poison has been discovered,” the ministry statement said.
But Alexeï Navalny’s spokesperson, Kira Iarmych, said on Thursday that he had neither drunk nor taken medication.

The private jet, which had taken off from the Siberian city of Omsk, touched down around 8.47am local time (6.47am GMT) on the tarmac at Tegel Airport in northwest Berlin. The aircraft was originally scheduled to land at Schönefeld Airport in the southeast of the city. But he eventually headed for the other airport in the German capital. Alexeï Navalny remained in the plane immobilized on the tarmac for more than an hour before being transferred. His arrival in the German capital comes after a day of tense face-to-face discussions between his relatives and Russian doctors over his evacuation.