Russian pilots investigated for drawing male genitals in the air

20 November 2020 17:15


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With a request to perform test maneuvers by the radio navigation team, two pilots drew a huge male genitalia in the air with a plane on November 11, 2020. Now the two are being investigated by them. Russian aviation authorities to perform this activity in the air.

The plane with which they drew this figure was a Boeing 737, of the low-cost airline Pobeda, which provided the connection between Moscow and Yekaterinburg. An airline representative explained to local media that the drawing was made in support of a Russian team player who was separated from the team when a sexually-content video was revealed.

“This is probably how the captains of Pobeda (airline) expressed their support for Russian team captain Artiom Dzyuba and showed their solidarity for the harassment he is undergoing,” said the representative of the airline. .

To realize this joke, which was recorded in the air radars, the pilots asked for permission to perform maneuvers “because of the need to check the radio navigation equipment”, according to the Metro newspaper.

As a result of these maneuvers, the flight arrived at its destination 20 minutes late. From now on, investigations will determine whether the pilots endangered the crew with this act.

Image of an air radar showing the drawing of two Russian pilots. Photo: Capture

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