Secrets so that WhatsApp does not eat up phone memory

Frequent sharing of videos, photos, documents, gifs, memes and texts in the WhatsApp application can fill up the phones memory. A “smartphone” needs enough free space to operate at full capacity. Otherwise, the device will become slow and even its functions will be crippled.

Andrés Suárez, computer expert, explains that what is exchanged on WhatsApp is data. Once arrived at their destination, they become coherent and occupy a space in the memory of a smartphone. The device memory fills up sooner, especially depending on the quantity and quality of videos and images in the gallery.

Suarez says there are ways to avoid it. One of them starts by opening WhatsApp and going to the three-dot icon at the top right. This will allow you to access “Settings” then “Data and storage”. Once there, you must choose: “Download with mobile data”. You must deactivate all the options offered and continue on “Ok”. Then the route must be repeated with the section “Download with Wi-Fi”.

The aforementioned process will allow that when someone uploads a video, photo, or other files, they have to be uploaded manually. This has the advantage of preserving the phone’s memory by preventing everything sent in groups from ending up in the device gallery. This usually contains images that haven’t even been seen.

In the case of an iPhone, the process is similar: enter the “Settings” section at the bottom right. In the “Data and storage” section there is the field “Automatic file download”. You must click on “Videos” and on “Photos”. The option “Never” is then selected. As with Android mobiles, each file will have to be downloaded manually. This will allow for a cleaner gallery.

Another option to preserve the phone memory, it is useful to delete the “heaviest” conversations from WhatsApp. You just have to go to ‘Settings’ if it is Android, or to ‘Settings’ in the case of an iPhone. The user will find there the section “Data use and storage”. Next, we’ll need to move on to “Storage Usage”. A list will be available with conversations placed from largest to smallest size, depending on their weight. On the site you can see how much they weigh individually. We can clearly see that the multimedia files cover more. Messages also take up space if the “chats” are very active.

The system also allows you to delete directly, and from this same section, all the images of a conversation, the messages or all the information that the chat contains.

On Android, you can also delete all the contents of the “WhatsApp” folder. It’s in the “File Manager” section.

Another extreme solution on Android is to use WhatsApp’s “Erase Data” option. To do this, follow the path “Settings”> “Applications”> “Manage applications”> “WhatsApp”. In this way, all content in the “ app ” can be deleted, including individual and group chats. Deleted data can be recovered later through backup. Likewise, you can also download the files to another device before deleting them.

Likewise, it is possible to have two external apps to prevent WhatsApp files from draining the memory of a phone. The “Cleaner for WhatsApp” application is available for Android. This tool allows you to clean junk files. Subfolders such as: “Pictures” or “Voicemail” can be deleted. In addition, it is possible to select one by one the files you want to delete.

On the other hand, in the case of the iPhone, there is the “Power Clean” application. This tool allows you to clear the cache (saved data). It also allows to see all the duplicate images in the different folders of the phone. This is how you can perform general garbage collection.