Ségur de la santé: strike notice at the CHD la Candélie in Agen

the essential
Notice of strike filed for next week at the specialized reception center of La Candélie. The staff would not be affected by the Health Segur.

“We will not have a hand that trembles to translate this recognition we owe them in the fight against the epidemic.” So spoke the Minister of Health Olivier Véran, who spoke on November 1 of the effort focused on remuneration in the public service hospital, nurses, nursing assistants … Said hand trembles on the other hand for the agents of the reception center specialist (MAS) of the Candélie hospital center.
During negotiations with the management of the CHD this Thursday again, the Force Ouvrière staff representatives have submitted a strike notice for Monday, November 23. “These agents do not benefit” believes FO “from this increase simply because they work in the medico-social. This does not prevent management from sending them as reinforcements alongside better paid colleagues who will benefit from this salary increase.
Speaking of “ambivalence”, this union asks that this part of the staff be about 60 agents, can be integrated “in order to regularize this injustice.” Force Ouvrière also evokes its requests, “increase in staff, replacements in the event of absence or even simply recognition of agents who have worked in deplorable conditions for several years.” Buildings raised from the ground in 2011 are said to be “partially unsanitary.”