Strasbourg: a police officer sentenced to 15 months in prison for having beaten a young man

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The scene, which took place at the start of the first confinement, was filmed by a resident of the neighborhood. The victim had just bought cannabis

A 46-year-old policeman was sentenced Friday, November 20 in Strasbourg to two years in prison, fifteen months of which with a committal warrant and ban on practice for violence committed on a young man of 18, confirmed to theAFP an officer from the departmental public security directorate (DDSP) of Bas-Rhin.

The agent was prosecuted for “violence by a person holding public authority”. The facts took place on the night of March 18 to 19, during the first confinement. The police officer was called in to arrest a young man who had just bought cannabis resin.

While the fugitive was subdued on the ground by another officer, the accused police officer kicked him several times in the face. The scene was filmed by a local resident. The young man had suffered further blows at the police station: first on the ribs, then, once on the ground, in the face. He was then taken to the Strasbourg University Hospital where he had an MRI scan which revealed a large fracture of the nose with significant edema. Five days later, by the time his face could loosen, he had been operated on.

He concedes having ‘fucked up’ ‘

The prosecutor, cited by Latest News from Alsace, blamed acts of rare “brutality”, “without restraint”, which are those of a “thug”. The defendant, a former soldier decorated after missions in Afghanistan and Kosovo, conceded having “fucked up”.

According to DNA, he had not been sanctioned in his service. “As long as you have a judicial inquiry, you cannot prejudge what the court will decide, and you cannot sanction the person,” said the DDSP officer.

“It is a common violence, it seems exceptional, like the sentence that has been inflicted, but it is regular, it happens in police vehicles, in police stations,” he told theAFP the victim’s lawyer, Maître Renaud Bettcher. He said his client, who was not known to the police or justice, was also sentenced to three months in prison following the purchase of cannabis.