The city that will have no sun before January 2021

More than 4,000 people in a small town in Alaska will not see sunlight for the remainder of 2020. Residents of Utqiaġvik will have to wait until January 23, 2021, when the sun rises again.

On Wednesday, November 18, 2020, Utqiaġvik began the so-called “ polar night, ” a phenomenon that occurs due to the tilt of the Earth on its axis. The period of darkness will last 66 days.

The last sunset that the city of Utqiaġvik witnessed was on November 1, 2020. Every year the city experiences the “polar night”.

Utqiaġvik isn’t the only place in the world that stops seeing sunlight for so long, but it is the first to experience the phenomenon in 2020.

Its geographical location is essential for this, Utqiaġvik, also called Barrow, is located in the far north of Alaska.

Other places like Kaktovik, Point Hope and Anaktuvuk Pass won’t see the sun for a long time either, according to CNN reports.

Utqiaġvik is home to a large population of Inupiats, a native Alaskan population. Temperatures in this region can also become extremely cold.

The city will not be plunged into total darkness as it also undergoes a phenomenon that will allow it to have a little light, but not direct sunlight.

However, in Utqiagvik between May 11 and August 18, its inhabitants will live an eternal day, according to a publication by Emol, since the Sun will never lower the horizon, giving rise to the phenomenon known as the “midnight sun. “.