THE COMMERCE is looking for stories of pets and their owners during this pandemic

November 18, 2020 5:48 PM


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Since the start of the health emergency, the animals have been able to spend more time with their owners. Now THE COMMERCE is looking for the best stories of this coexistence.

Confinement and measures to prevent contagion have forced people to stay at home with their pets, making them inseparable companions. These, even, are no longer used to their humans going to work or walking around without including them in the plan.

At this time, another phenomenon also occurred. Those who did not have a dog or a cat were eventually encouraged to adopt him. At best, older animals or animals that have stayed in shelters for a longer time have found accommodation, as have some with disabilities.

Others were abandoned following changes caused by Covid-19, but found families during the emergency. EL COMERCIO is researching the most curious, emotional, or different stories that owners have experienced with their pets during this pandemic.

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