The “ lettering ”, the art that makes the pandemic more bearable

Since March 22, dozens of people around the world have been exploring unfamiliar hobbies or honing their skills in certain activities to make the isolation of the covid-19 pandemic more bearable.

Some were inclined towards cooking, while others relied on manual arts. The architect Keke Hinojosa is part of the last group.

To avoid falling prey to stress and anxiety, especially during quarantine, the goal of rediscovering “lettering” was set. It is the art of drawing letters by hand, using pencils, watercolors, pens, markers, chalk, etc.

Hinojosa is 30 years old, but she has been drawing letters since she started school. He captured them in letters or on the pages of his notebooks. He still has some of those jobs.

He learned the techniques during a trip to Spain while studying for a masters degree. Although she has a particular attraction to art, she admits that she did it to keep busy in peace and to forget that she was alone in totally unfamiliar territory. This is why he recommends “ lettering ” to children and adults, and more so now that humanity is going through times of uncertainty due to the novel coronavirus.

In addition to this state of relaxation, constant practice of this art improves coordination and promotes concentration, like meditation. For this reason, it is also offered to the elderly and, above all, to people with neurodegenerative diseases, underlines Amparo Portilla, Gestalt psychotherapist. “All of these activities are valid because they act as therapy,” he says.

In Ecuador, few people know and spread the techniques of “lettering”, which is why Hinojosa shares tutorials on its social networks.

He states that people of both sexes are interested in learning. “I thought only women would be interested, but I was surprised to see boys asking for it too.”

He says that in countries like Spain, for example, quick lessons are given throughout the year, as the art of hand drawing letters is loved by adults and children.

The creations are based on posters or on blackboards, in bars, shops or restaurants.

To get started in the world of “lettering”, all you need is a pencil and a sheet of paper. As the technique is learned more sophisticated resources can be used. Hinojosa acquires them through platforms such as Amazon.