The notes of the players of the XV of France: Chat, Fickou and Vakatawa, the detonators

the essential
Here are the notes of the players of the XV of France after their victory against Scotland this Sunday, November 22.

Thomas RAMOS (3/5): Author of a good rush from the 24th on a complicated ball, the Toulouse player also brought serenity in the shots on goal (14 points), even though the difficulty of his kicks remained relative. At his speed, a random pass (55th) and a direct hit (78th).

Teddy THOMAS (2/5): He did not touch his first attack ball until the 55th, and again, after a rebound pass from Ramos … Outlined several times on his right wing during hot situations near the Scottish line, he was either forgotten or badly served, like a diagonal badly delivered by Jalibert (57th).

Virimi VAKATAWA (4/5): Prevented from flattening a first time (9th) then a second (40th), the Racingman did not let his third opportunity pass, after a magnificent combination in the first hand. Always a dangerous ball in hand, he also showed a good presence in defense and in the ground game.

Gaël FICKOU (4/5): The Parisian fulfilled his role of defense boss with flying colors, putting words into action since it was he who worked the most in this area (13 tackles). It was also he who read the opposing defense perfectly to make the decisive inside return on Rattez in the 42nd. Impeccable.

Vincent RATTEZ (3/5): Author of a loss of ball after a good overflow in the first period, he did not waste the best opportunity that was provided to him, by crossing and then negotiating the two against a winner with Vakatawa (42nd). Replaced in the 70th by Arthur Vincent, who distinguished himself by several bleeding races.

Matthieu JALIBERT (2,5 / 5): Tested from the outset in the air, he responded rather well, sober and efficient in his kicking game and author of a drop full of relevance (24th). At his speed, two missed penalty touches, a ball lost in contact (53rd) and a wasted test situation.

Antoine DUPONT (3/5): Author of a sluggish start to the match, he made up for it in defense, setting the pace on several aggressive climbs or snatching the ball from Weir (32nd), on a Scottish possession close to the end line. goal. Still toned and bleeding to the touch.

Gregory ALLDRITT (3/5): Targeted on the kickoffs in the first half, the Rochelais was sure of himself, and hitting the ball in hand early in the game. He was then less in sight, like his team who held the ball less for the rest of the game.

Charles OLLIVON (3/5): Equal to himself, the French captain was invaluable and reassuring in touch, as well as in the kick-offs where he kept the ball despite a huge tackle from winger Van der Merwe. He was also consistent throughout the game.

Dylan CRETIN (4/5): First tenure with the XV of France successful for the Lyonnais, who shone in several compartments of the game: in touch first, both offensive and defensive, than in the game on the ground or in defense like his offensive tackles , like the one on Ritchie that allowed a tricolor counter-ruck.

Romain TAOFIFENUA (2,5 / 5): The Toulonnais had the opportunity to show his value, but he did not overthrow the hierarchy and Paul Willemse seems to remain number one in the post. Some charges to his credit, clearing but overall an activity and mobility that seems below international standards. Replaced by his competitor Paul Willemse, author of a correct entry.

Bernard LE ROUX (3/5): Still a great activity in defense and in the rucks for the second row of Racing, which we regularly see offshore, as if it were third row. But also clumsiness ball in hand, and some penalties whistled against himself if some were severe. Tireless, he played the entire meeting.

Demba BAMBA (2.5 / 5): Sanctioned for an offside position in the quarter of an hour of play which gave the advantage to the Scots (6-3), the Lyonnais did his best to carry the ball and use his power. Nice effort on the last scrum of the first half. He was replaced by Mohamed Haouas (3/5) in the 55th who, although still targeted by Scottish provocations, knew how to keep his calm and concentrate on his rugby and his scrums where he was dominant. Too bad for this forward committed in the 78th when Cretin had just countered a Scottish throw in touch.

Camille CHAT (4/5): Percussion from the start with two percussions which set the tone. Good in his throws, aggressive in the ground game. An overall satisfactory performance for the Racingman, as for his replacement Julien Marchand (3.5 / 5), entered in the 53rd minute. The Toulousain brought his power and freshness to melee and in the mauls. The only downside, his shot on Cretinen from the back of the line-up was blocked by the Scottish line-up on the lookout.

Jean-Baptiste GROS (3-5): Serious match for the Toulonnais, who was active around the rucks and striking in defense like his tackle in the 52nd, without being penalized. Replaced by Toulousain Cyril Baille (3.5 / 5) in the 53rd minute, who appeared in sight.