The People’s Committee Center, of the IESS, denounces a new inconsistency on the numbers of expired drugs

Again, from a medical unit of the Ecuadorian Institute of Social Security (IESS), they react to investigations into expired drugs. This is the People’s Committee Specialty Center, where – according to a document signed by its administrative director – the loss is $ 963.26. The figure is lower than that presented by the chairman of the entity, Jorge Wated.

In mid-October, Wated, who took over as IESS in May, announced that more than $ 5.7 million in expired drugs had been detected. The highest amount, he said, is at Carlos Andrade Marín Hospital (HCAM), with $ 2.5 million. In second place, he placed this medical dispensary north of Quito, with 547,027.22 USD.

Juan Páez, director of HCAM, has already clarified that this figure is not correct. And he recalled that more than a year ago, he had reported to the prosecution that he had found expired supplies for $ 7 million, from 2012 to 2018.

Now Ángel Vega and Pablo Neira, former and current administrative directors of the People’s Committee, have provided clarifications on drugs that expired between 2016 and 2020. The loss: $ 898.68. Three expired formulas were found in the warehouse: tar (shampoo or ointment), peroxide (anti-inflammatory) and tropicamide (eye drops), according to memorandum n ° IESS-CE-CP-DA-2020-1522-M, from October 19 signed by Neira.

These drugs expired in February 2016. They could not be traded directly by companies.

The reason is that these products were introduced by “transfer from other units and their origin was a centralized purchase”, explains Ángel Vega, former administrative director of the sanatorium. This, he notes, means that only the center that acquired the drug can handle its change.

“The dispensary was established in 2015, so to open it it received products from other people. On several occasions, we sent documents to effect the exchanges, there was no response, ”he said. And also that before the pandemic, nearly 30,000 outpatient consultations were carried out per month.

This year, Vega admits, outdated formulas have been reported; eight won between March and October. The value of the damage is $ 64.58. “The general amount would be 963.26; lower than that mentioned by Wated ”, for which, in a letter, he asked her to clarify it.

On October 19, this newspaper requested information from Social Security on the inconsistencies. Until press time, there has been no response.

On Monday, the government presented its unified drug purchase plan, in charge of the public procurement service (Sercop).

This is stated in Executive Decree 1033, dated May 5, which transforms the regulation into the law that governs this matter. This involves outsourcing the storage, distribution and delivery service for medicines and health products. On January 4, the reverse drug auction will begin, for 312 drugs.