The program is looking for teachers from Latin America to teach in the United States with a salary of up to $ 55,000

20 November 2020 13:33


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An education company has opened applications for its 2021 program that seeks teachers from Latin American countries, including Ecuador, to work in the U.S. The salary educators could receive could reach $ 55,000 per year.

To apply, you must go to the Participate in Learning page and follow the steps specified on the website. Within them, a questionnaire and a data recording.

What requirements do applicants need to meet?

– Speak fluent English

– University degree in teaching

– Two years of experience in education and

– Driver’s license

The program focuses on preschool and elementary school teachers. Selected teachers will travel to the United States to teach core subjects such as: math, science, social studies, Spanish language literature, and Spanish lessons. In addition, they will have to teach their culture and traditions.

The company will be in charge of managing the visa of the selected teachers, as well as those of their family nucleus. The period of stay in the North American country will be between three and five years from the start of the next school year, in August 2021.

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