The Queen of San Francisco de Quito reinvented herself to stay active in the pandemic

For a week she was imbued with information on how to avoid covid-19 and then, with a mask and alcohol in her hand, Estefanía Barreno left her home to visit the El Condado urbanization and strike at the gates of private companies looking for help to save. the most needy.

On his first trip he raised around 10,000 USD and with that money he bought masks, gloves, gowns, medicine and food. The Pablo Arturo Suárez –norte de Quit- hospital was the first beneficiary. Then it was the turn of the Eugenio Espejo hospital. Later, Barreno sponsored a few neighborhoods and foundations.

The pandemic disrupted his plans, but did not take away his desire to help. “I have been at the foot of the canyon since day one”. After visiting hospitals, foundations and neighborhoods, he is about to collect 50,000; the money will be used to buy 350 “tablets”. The beneficiaries will be students with low income, but with the best grades.

In an interview with this DIARIO, Barreno spoke about this latest project and the experience of helping in the midst of the pandemic. She said she felt lucky to be the first Queen of San Francisco de Quito to keep the group for two consecutive years.

You organized yourself from the first moment. Were you afraid to catch it?

I put the fear aside. I focused on complying with all biosecurity measures and helping those who needed it most. It was my engine.

Was it easy to get support?

People and private companies have opened their doors to me. Without them, no help would have been possible. These are the same companies that supported me in my initial project.

Are you going to continue with the environmental project?

It was interrupted by the pandemic and I will no longer live it. It was an environmental project; recycling of electronic waste. To begin with, a series of lectures in schools, colleges and businesses was needed. Now everyone studies and works from home.

You reinvented yourself and consolidated another project. What is it about?

It’s called Quito, leave your mark, and it was created to sponsor various neighborhoods and foundations. We are transporting food and medicine. For next year, however, there is the Quito Project, Leave Your Mark for Education. We want to buy 350 “tablets”, but for this we need 50,000 USD We will work with the Reina Foundation of Quito and the Ministry of Education. The latter will help us map these young people who, for various reasons, cannot access a cell phone or a computer.

About 35,000 people were raised during the pandemic. Where does this money come from?

Support from individuals, private companies and some virtual events. I organized the Corre race in Casa 3K, a zumbatón, the Cena de la Rosa and played with Andrés López and Juan Fran de la Foch.

What activities will you do to raise the $ 50,000?

To start, we have Radiotón 2020. It will be this November 28, from 1:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m., via FM Mundo. The invitation is open to the community and other private businesses to join. Part of the money raised will benefit the Therapeutic Center.

Estefanía Barreno will remain Queen San Francisco de Quito until 2021 VideoEstefanía Barreno, the new Queen of San Francisco de Quito, has been officially introduced