The trans community concentrated in Plaza Foch

20 November 2020 15:32


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In the afternoon of this Friday, November 20, 2020, the first trans national march is scheduled, which aims to defend the dignity and memory of this population in Ecuador. The protesters focused on Plaza Foch, then their plan was to walk towards the attorney general’s office and head towards Churo de la Alameda in downtown Quito.

Until 2:00 p.m., the protesters continued to the meeting point and still have not released their fight banners, whistles and slogans. Light drizzle fell in the area.

Sara Carolina, head of Crisalys Transgender Circle, said November 20 is a very important day as she remembers the victims of transphobia. “Although the Constitution protects us, they do not give us due attention. We have the right to demand ”.

For the demonstrators, Plaza Foch is an emblematic place because trans girls have been practicing sex work there for more than 20 years. He recalled that the national police had arrested them.

Fernando Manosalvas, of the Trans Assembly organization, said the march also aims to give the trans population access to health services, as they suffer from discrimination in health centers. “Care is precarious and discriminatory.”

As participants in the protest were relatives of Juanita Criollo, the 51-year-old stylist who was found dead at her home on Monday, November 16, at the entrance to the Jaime Roldós cooperative, northwest of Quito. They showed a poster with the victim’s photo and demanded justice.

Participants called on the prosecutor’s office to promptly investigate hate crimes against the trans community that have resulted in impunity. They regretted that there is no record of the number of victims of hate crimes in the country. “Neither transfeminicides, whose legal status does not exist in Ecuador”, according to Manosalvas.

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