This time, the flu vaccine shortage is evident: “Waiting lists are overflowing”

the essential
Foretold in October when the vaccination campaign had just started, the shortage of influenza vaccines is now a reality in France. Despite the November restocking, not all of those on the waiting lists were able to get vaccinated. Only the state stock remains …

“It’s all well and good to announce that we are going to have a vaccine against the coronavirus, but we should already be able to be vaccinated against the flu. How do you want us to believe it?” Jean-Claude Ratinaud is disillusioned. This octogenarian, inhabitant of Blagnac, is vaccinated every year against the flu. But this time, he is only waiting, on the waiting list of his pharmacy for weeks without having yet been able to receive the precious injection.

“I don’t call them every day, but still regularly, and they always answer me the same thing: they are waiting.” They are waiting to receive new doses which have not yet been delivered to all pharmacies in France, during this famous November replenishment, the second wave of vaccine distribution, after the first was a dazzling success. In October, 7.645 million fragile patients were vaccinated, against 4.668 million in October 2019.

“We have already sold everything”

But even where the deliveries of vaccines were able to be completed in November, the shortage is a reality, as confirmed by Jean-Marie Guillermin, vice-president of the Order of Pharmacists of Occitanie and owner of a dispensary in the center. -toulousain city. “We did receive the rest of our vaccine orders in November, but our waiting list was such that we all passed them with these patients, and we already have no more, as we continue to receive people looking for vaccines. “

To satisfy them, Jean-Marie Guillermin only has to wait for the delivery of the stock made up by the State (estimated at 2.5 million doses), the distribution methods of which are not yet known: “We announces to us at the beginning of December and we are told that all pharmacies will receive as much, which should represent a hundred doses per pharmacy, but we do not yet really know how it will all happen, it is a little artistic vagueness that reign.”

The faulty state?

And even with the hundred or so doses promised, not everyone will be able to be served, warns the pharmacist. So much so that he stopped taking new names on his waiting list. “I don’t see myself promising them a vaccine that I’m not sure I can give them.”

Faced with this shortage that we can no longer ignore, Jean-Marie Guillermin criticizes the State for its poor organization and its lack of anticipation. “Other countries were able to place their orders much earlier, unlike us who placed them in August,” denounces the pharmacist. “Result: we can only hope now that we will have these doses promised by the State available to customers, and not too late, because it is in December that we will have to vaccinate those who do not yet have it. summer…”