Toulouse. Ligue 2: the draw, a lesser evil for the TFC

This time around, there won’t be a half-full glass dear to the optimist Patrice Garande. No, his young troop – which, in view of the content delivered yesterday in Beauvaisian soil, apparently has not finished with learning L2 – did not deserve more. “Even if a point, to use the conclusion of the Norman coach, it is always better than nothing.” The Garonne coach who expected a reaction from his players to the defeat against Valenciennes before the truce (4-5), will have been left for a porridge of football. If we continue in the lexical field, the Toulouse people almost drowned in the glass, it took a flight of great talent signed Super-Dupé, at the end of the game, to prevent the poor result from turning into a “disaster. “. “We avoid the worst, commented particularly bitter the person concerned, we will say that …”

Tactically trapped

The technician opposite, Bruno Luzi, will actually go so far as to say that “Chambly won on points. With my staff, we counted the number of real situations: 6 for us, only 3 for Toulouse. We had to ‘first well defended, evolving in 4-4-2 diamond to disrupt the 3-5-2 of our opponent of the day. “

Touch ! This is already the pattern that Guégan’s VA had used, with the outcome we know … Garande may well change his usual device against a 4-3-3 with the entry of Healey, positioned left wing ( Antiste on the right and Bayo in nine), this is not enough to reverse the scenario and win the bet during the last quarter of an hour remaining to be disputed on the meadow.

Apart from the tactical considerations, the most annoying is certainly in the engagement that the purple shoots put into the battle last night. We are not talking here of intentions, but of achievement in short. “Pfff the story of this match … plague ” PG ”. We knew what we were going to impose on us here without lowering the performance of our opponents: a lot of duels, especially aerial. And we were literally eaten! However, when we have ambitions like ours, we must – in addition to offering something else in terms of the game where the waste was incredible – to also be present in this area. At times, we were even passive . “

So, yes, it’s always easier to redo the match after the fact, if Antiste had put the ball 2-0, the match point, we would not have to discuss this morning in the same way. With “ifs”, the TFC would be 4th ex aequo. Which corresponds more, necessarily, to his rank. In the meantime, by dint of wasting opportunities, even after a quarter of the championship …

Amian and VDB will miss ASNL

In short, Patrice Garande has his work cut out for him, he knew it. In addition, if her gang was not able to win, she “knew” how to lose two players. Amian Adou and van den Boomen, warned, will be automatically suspended for day n + 1, that is to say the next trip to Nancy (Tuesday, December 1). Which did not already announce itself as a walk in the park; especially at this time of year.

Ligue 2 is more than ever an obstacle course …