Toulouse. Victim of vandalism for 4 years, a shopkeeper from Toulouse is selling her shop

Dominique Grosjean, manager of the Do My Shoes store, is out of breath. The repeated acts of vandalism plunged this shopkeeper on the rue des Arts into a downward spiral. In 2015, Dominique Grosjean was the victim of thugs during the anti-Sivens demonstration. The crowd rushes into his street. In a few minutes, his window was smashed, his attacker arrested. Dominique initiates legal proceedings. She wins the case the following year. Since then, she is still waiting for the payment of damages. “16,000 € are in nature on the grounds of the insolvency of the individual. Nobody moves! Today, I want to regulate the bailiffs and especially to find my peace.”

For 4 years, the shopkeeper has become a scapegoat. Verbal, physical assaults, intrusions, thefts… crimes are linked with complete impunity. “I come to work with a lump in my stomach. I face it to save my business, but one day I will leave my health there,” she confides, annoyed. This recurring harassment has an impact on its turnover, which has already been severely affected by the health crisis. “Before the containment, someone injured one of my clients by throwing the wooden block that I use to ventilate the shop. The victim had a bruise on her shin,” she says. On the night of October 1, the shop was once again ransacked: window smashed, tiles broken, stolen objects … The verdict in immediate appearance is final: the individual is sentenced to 10 months of detention and inadmissible for 5 years . The relief is temporary, the implicated appeal. Tired of fighting, Dominique Grosjeanmet is selling his shop. “I need to take a breather and see the end of the galleys” she concludes.