TRIBUNE. “We will not accredit our journalists to cover the protests”

the essential
The management of many French newsrooms reaffirms their attachment to the 1881 law on press freedom and their vigilance regarding its preservation.

Editorial managers, we are concerned about the will of the Minister of the Interior, Gerald Darmanin, to undermine press freedom in the context of demonstrations.

The expressed desire to ensure the protection of journalists amounts to supervising and controlling their work. This device is part of a particularly worrying context with the proposed law on “global security” which provides for the restriction of the dissemination of images of police and gendarmes.

Journalists do not have to approach the police headquarters to cover a demonstration. There is no accreditation to have to exercise our profession freely on public roads.

We will therefore refuse to accredit our journalists to cover the demonstrations.

We reaffirm our commitment to the 1881 press freedom law and will be vigilant to ensure that it is preserved.

Among the signatory editors: 20 Minutes, AFP, BFM-TV, Le Canard enchaîné, Challenges, Charlie Hebdo, CNews, Courrier International, Europe 1, the editorial staff of France Télévisions, the HuffPost, La Croix, La Croix hebdo, La Vie, LCI, Le JDD, The Days, Le Pèlerin, Les Echos, L’Express, Le Figaro, Le Figaro-Magazine, Le Point, Le Monde, Le Parisien / Today in France, Liberation, L’Obs, M6, Marianne, Mediapart, Paris Match , Politis, Slate, Télérama, RFI, the editorial staff of Radio France, RMC, RTL, TF1, L’Alsace, Le Bien public, La Depêche du Midi, Le Dauphiné libéré, Les Latest news from Alsace, L’Est Republican, Le Journal de Saône-et-Loire, Le Progrès, Le Républicain Lorrain, Vosges Matin, the New Republic of the Center-West, Center-Presse, La Montagne, La République du Center, L’Eveil de la Haute-Loire, L ‘Echo Républicain, L’Yonne Républicaine, Le Berry Républicain, Le Populaire du Center, Le Journal du Center, Le Pays Roannais, La Ruche, Le Régional de Cosne, La Gazette de Thiers, La Voix d u Sancerrois, Le Courrier du Loiret, L’Eclaireur du Gâtinais, Le Journal de Gien, L’Eveil hebdo, Journal de la Haute-Marne, Provence, Marseillaise, South West, The Republic of the Pyrenees, L’Eclair, Charente Libre, Dordogne Libre