Trump’s sister describes him as naughty and hypocritical in secret audio recordings

Therefore, he is not to be trusted, says the sister in the recording that has been published by the Washington Post.

The recording was recorded by Trump’s niece Mary Trump, who has written a book about Donald’s upbringing in the, according to her, dysfunctional Trump family.

The sister’s characteristics are the latest in a series of unflattering descriptions of the president from people close to him. The difference is that this time it does not come from a dismissed staff member or business partner, but from one of the president’s closest relatives.

Barry slaughters his brother’s immigration policy, and says that all he does is to please the electorate.

– He has no principles. No. His damn tweet and lies. Oh my god, she says in the recording.

In the recording, Barry also tells his niece that the problem is “how hypocritical everything is. That’s the hypocrisy and how bad he is. Donald is naughty, ”she says.

The recording also mentions one of the claims in Mary Trump’s book that the president paid someone to take the university entrance exam for him.

– He came to the University of Pennsylvania because he got someone to take the exam, says Barry, and adds that she even remembers what he who took the exam is called.

Neither President Trump nor the White House have yet commented on the recording.