Vegan Day has been postponed due to rain

For November 28 and 29, 2020, the 12th edition of Vegan Day has been moved, an appointment that promotes the consumption of foods of plant origin: vegetables, legumes, fermented, sprouts and more. Initially, the fair was scheduled for this weekend, November 21-22. However, the organization changed the date due to sudden climate change in Quito.

Vegan Day takes place twice a year. On this occasion, around thirty entrepreneurs will meet at Pradera Mega Plaza, from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm, to promote their products: vegetable drinks, chocolates, snacks; skin care creams and oils, bamboo toothbrushes and much more.

The fair takes place after months of uncertainty due to the pandemic caused by covid-19. Karina Reyes, organizer, comments that the health emergency has considerably reduced the presence of sponsors. Last year, he said, about 200 participated.

They organized the 12th edition because of the growing interest of men and women of different ages to come to terms with nature. “They are very interested in changing their lifestyle because it is clear that covid-19 is a result of consuming animal products.”

Entrepreneurs will be in their respective spaces, respecting the distance suggested by the authorities to minimize the risk of contagion. This measure is part of a security protocol, designed to make visitors feel safe in the facilities. While lovers of this lifestyle visit the companies, they will be able to enjoy live music, meditation classes and yoga.

All of these activities will take place outdoors. The use of the mask – foreseen by the organizers – will be obligatory for the entrepreneurs as well as for the visitors and the members of the “staff”.

Vegan Day brings together 70 entrepreneurs in its eleventh edition