Vianney becomes the godfather of a small Sarthois tennis club

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The singer Vianney became on Wednesday November 18 the godfather of a small tennis club, located in the department of Sarthe. All thanks to a Facebook challenge.

“Vianney officially godfather of Anille Braye Tennis”, welcomes the Bessé-sur-Braye tennis club on Facebook, located in the department of Sarthe, in the Pays de la Loire region.

The story begins during confinement, in March, with the total cessation of club sports, reports West France. Jean-Charles Rioton, the supervisor of Anille Braye Tennis, decides to maintain his activity on social networks. “To continue to motivate the students, to involve them, to make them live the tennis passion by creating links between the pros and the amateurs, I said to myself that we could launch interviews. We did it with Alizé Cornet”, he explains to our colleagues. “Since then, we have continued with other interviews such as Caroline Garcia, Bernard Giudicelli, Alizé Lim, Fabrice Santoro, or the singer Vianney, with whom the current has gone well! After the interview, he took his license with us, and now is our godfather “.

Indeed, during the interview with the singer, Jean-Charles Rioton had launched a challenge: if the video exceeded 50,000 views, Vianney became the club’s godfather.

“That was the deal. I’m very proud to be your godfather, play well, have fun. To be honest, I’m no one as a tennis player to give you encouragement, but on the other hand, as a musician , I can only tell you to do things in a passionate way, ”Vianney says in a video.