Washington Post columnist relays false information claiming Emmanuel Macron is going to file Muslim schoolchildren

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Karen Attiah tweeted that the French President “wants to give all Muslim schoolchildren an ID number” before deleting his post and apologizing. This false information was also relayed by a Pakistani minister.

This Saturday, November 21, false information claiming that Emmanuel Macron intended to assign an identification number to all Muslim schoolchildren in France was propagated by the Pakistani Minister of Human Rights, Shireen Mazari, as well by Karen Attiah, journalist in the Opinions department of Washington post.

This intox was first published by The muslim vibe, an English news site which subsequently corrected it by specifying that all French schoolchildren have an identification number, apologizing for its error. But the editorialist of the American daily took up this information without verifying it, drawing the wrath of many French personalities.

Strong reactions

“The mainstream media wanted to present Macron as the one who saved France from Marine Le Pen. Now he wants to give an identification number to all Muslim schoolchildren,” she tweeted. The Secretary of State for Digital, Cédric O, stepped in, responding with a touch of irony: “Indeed. And we also drink the blood of babies for breakfast. Democracies cannot fight against them. fake news and disinformation if ‘serious’ journalists don’t do fact-checking “

Other personalities such as the essayist Caroline Fourest or the philosopher Raphaël Enthoven criticized the American journalist for her remarks.

I do unequivocally apologize for the error I made in saying that Macron’s bill targets Muslim children.

I do have a responsibility to facts. And I do not want to make anything harder for my colleagues who are doing an amazing job with a difficult story.

– Karen Attiah (@KarenAttiah) November 22, 2020

The Pakistani Minister of Human Rights, who had also spread this false information, was directly picked up by Marc Barety, the French Ambassador to Pakistan, who asked her to “rectify” his tweet, which was finally deleted. by the main interested party.