With the Christmas tree sales, the Christmas season has really started

the essential
The question arose, in the context of this second confinement, to allow the sale of Christmas trees around thirty days before Christmas Eve. The state finally opted for flexibility, and the first customers were able to obtain supplies on Friday, November 20.

Until practically the last moment, uncertainty hovered over the heads of traders who, traditionally, make Christmas tree sales an unmissable event for the end of the year celebrations. Large distribution, specialized establishments (gardening, DIY, furnishing…) or independents finally learned at the beginning of last week that the sales of trees were going to be able to start this Friday, November 20, to their greatest happiness.

“It is true that it was a bit of a relief”, confesses Sandrine, who managed Friday the park “click & collect” of the Ikea store in Roques-sur-Garonne (Haute-Garonne). Around her, hundreds of fir trees were stored, still in their nets, resting against the fences or still piled up on their delivery pallets. “And we are far from having everything,” said the employee. “We have a lot of stocks because the Christmas tree sales here are a highlight. We have ordered 10,800 this year.”

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Orders that were placed in another life: last January, before the health crisis upset everything. Impossible to predict “This is the quantity of trees that we normally sell, or even a little more, so the challenge will be to know if we will be able to do as well this winter.”

Fast and effective

With this start on the scheduled date, the goal is already more likely to be achieved. “For this first day, we have around 200 orders programmed in click & collect, it’s a good start. It’s a service that we have already been offering for a few years, and which is imposed on us today given the context. But people are meeting there for the moment. “

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Around the fences, the parking lot of the famous Swedish brand is empty during this period of forced confinement. And this is not to displease the customers who come to pick up their tree. “It’s fun, look, we are not waiting, no problem to park, it’s pretty good!”, Rejoices Bernard, who takes advantage of his rental truck to get ahead of the game. on the purchase of his tree. “Every year, I get my supplies here because there is a voucher with the tree, but I don’t necessarily come so early. The tree will stay in the garage for a bit before being decorated.”

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Walter, retired, has the habit of reserving his tree in advance. And he has not been asked this year, because he senses that the rush could be significant in December. “There people may not be too daring to buy it with the containment or are not aware that they could do it, so that makes me tell that within a week or two they will be rushing and there will be less choice. ” For him this year, the case was folded in a few clicks and five minutes spent in a parking lot. It is inexpensive to pay to be able to house the gifts as they should.