Women and rights defenders call on Constitutional Court not to be indolent before abortion due to rape

“There is indolence. The judges of the Constitutional Court must wash their ears. The wombs of the women are removed by them. It is time for them to decide on abortion for rape,” said Virginia Gómez of la Torre, from the Fundación. Challenge. This Thursday, November 19, 2020, this organization and others such as Nina Warmi, the Ecuadorian Front for Sexual and Reproductive Rights, the National Coalition of Women and the Central University, through their Legal Collective and the Feminist Coalition, presented an amicus curiae to an action filed the previous week and a request for insistence.

On Tuesday last week, rights organizations including Surkuna and the Ecumenical Human Rights Commission brought before the Court an action of unconstitutionality in number two of article 150 of the Full Organic Criminal Code ( COIP). This indicates that abortion will not be punishable if the pregnancy results from the rape of a mentally disabled woman. This is why they demanded that the specification be removed, so that abortion is no longer punishable in all cases of rape. They also made a request for prioritization due to the violation of girls and women victims of sexual violence.

“The Constitutional Court could not say anything about sexual violence, which is a national emergency exacerbated by the pandemic and the confinement. It is a shame to live in a country that allows women to give birth to rapists. We are not going to leave the judges alone, we will continue to come, ”said Dr Gómez de la Torre.

Angélica Porras, constitutional lawyer, recalled that since 2019, they have been waiting for a decision of the Court on their requests. “We have the right to decide, the article which obliges women to give birth must be declared unconstitutional because otherwise they will go to prison. We demand that the Court consider this requirement as a priority, that the chronology of arrival of cases be ignored. In this pandemic, girls and women are forced to stay with their abusers at home. “

Santiago Machuca, teacher and lawyer, said: “We are associating as a central university, with this amicus curiae prepared by students of the Faculty of Jurisprudence, who make up the Feminist Coalition and the University Legal Collective.” Serious violations of constitutional rights cannot be ignored. Autonomy and freedom to decide their bodies and the violations of women and girls who are victims of sexual violence and therefore a priority attention group require urgent state protection. The court urgently needs to deal with these lawsuits. “